Variety. Motivation. Fun.

JumpStep Workouts

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Bye Bye boring trampolin classes! More Fitness. More Fun. More POWER with JumpStep.

Burn more than 500kcal in 25 minutes! With JumpStep! Soon we will provide you with exclusive workout videos.

“Since many years I love doing Jumping Fitness and sharing this passion in my courses at the gym. Jumpstep combines the benefits of jumping and step aerobic in a very efficient and joint-friendly way. With the sound of motivational beats those extra pounds melt away quickly and the step-aerobic elements can do wonders for  a leaner and fitter body.”

Ulrike Kurz – Fitnesstrainer, Group-Fitness-Instructor


Because “Maximum” IS never  nough

JumpStep is the first trampoline in the world combining traditional trampoline training with step aerobics for a whole new level of workout exercises. The flexibly suspended step-board offers a completely unique, high-intensity, full-body workout with an increased fun factor. JumpStep is the perfect training device for anyone who wants to burn as many calories as possible as fast as possible, while improving power and endurance.

Burn 546 KCAL in 25 Minutes

JumpStep raises the bar in terms of calorie burning. Trampoline fitness is 70 % more effective than jogging. Combined with the power from step aerobics  you have an above-average calorie consumption and the highest possible fat burning effect in the shortest time possible. Burn more than 500 kcal in just 25 minutes, while having fun – that‘s JumpStep!

Endorphin Boost

Training with JumpStep is endless fun and happiness! Trampoline fitness is proven to release large amounts of endorphins – improving your mood, melting away stress and promoting mental balance. Nothing motivates you more than a proper workout that feels more like a party than hard work. That turns JumpStep into the best personal trainer you could wish for!

train without limits

JumpStep offers an endless variety of step combinations and jump choreos. The joint-friendly, high-intensity training workouts are so much fun that you never want to stop! Additional bodyweight sessions can im prove your results even more. Just use your JumpStep instead of training mat and turn it into your bodyweight-trainingstation. One workout device – endless possibilities

Effective Muscle definition

Muscle tightening and body shaping with a trampoline? Yes! Try JumpStep! In an action-packed studio workout or at home. Combine an explosive cardio unit  with powerful step sequences from step-aerobics and you achieve ultimate workout results like never before. Those unwanted extra pounds melt away quickly and the whole body will be leaner and fitter in no time.