jumpstep for your studio

The Fitness Innovation

jumpstep: Next level training

Be ahead of everyone else and discover JumpStep for your studio! Look forward to the first fitness step trampoline of its kind in the world and make your members soaking sweat! Let them forget the stresses of their day-to-day life with unique and intense training sessions with the ultimate fun factor and maximum calorie burning.

6 good reasons:

1 /// It will make you sweat: Step-Aerobic meets Trampoline-Fitness

2 /// Kills calories: A full-body HIIT workout

3 /// Super challenging: Endless jump combinations

4 /// Highly motivating: See your body improving quickly

5 /// Easy on the joints: Flexible rebounce suspension and overall top quality

6 /// Very effective: Amazing impact on the glutes, abs, posture, balance and coordination

jumpstep: the fitness-sensation

More Action for your studio

Forget about having to choose between step aerobics and trampoline ftness. JumpStep is here. With JumpStep you can do both! JumpStep changes into a conventional ftness-trampoline with little effort. The latest innovation by HAMMER Sport for everyone who wants more: More fun, more fitness, more coordination. Yesterday‘s vision of the future. In your studio tomorrow.

Variety. Quality. Uniqueness.

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