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High impact. more fun.

Next level trampoline training

JumpStep can do more! The step-board adds an endless list of additional training options. Intensive workout with quick visible results. A highly innovative power programme.

More power.
More fitness.

Revolutionary full-body workout


The intensive, joint-friendly jump training on the trampoline and step-board increases your endurance and strengthens your cardiovascular system, while boosting your metabolism. For more power and endurance, whatever life throws at you!


All workouts can be focused on building physical strength by including the step-board. The perfect basis for muscle building and body toning.

Even more strength

Do you want to add a couple more exercises using your own body weight after your workout? JumpStep turns into a body weight multi-gym by using the various elements of the device for strength training: planks, push-ups, mountain climbers, etc.


Jumping on a trampoline activates both sides of your brain, as they need to interact to handle the alternating forces of gravity and weightlessness. Your body‘s physical coordination improves while performing a wide variety of step choreographies. Regular trampoline workouts will therefore improve your balance, physical coordination, mental concentration and refexes.


Trampoline step workouts loosen and stretch tendons,  muscles and ligaments. The supply to cartilage tissue, intervertebral discs and the spine is enhanced and elasticity as a whole is improved.


While working out with your trampoline, you forget all about your daily stress. With regular training your body produces “happy hormones” (endorphins) which leads to more mental balance and clears your head.

“Since many years I love doing Jumping Fitness and sharing this passion in my courses at the gym. Jumpstep combines the benefits of jumping and step aerobic in a very efficient and joint-friendly way. With the sound of motivational beats those extra pounds melt away quickly and the step-aerobic elements can do wonders for  a leaner and fitter body.”

Ulrike Kurz – Fitnesstrainer, Group-Fitness-Instructor

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